John and Anne

John and Anne recently retired and are fortunate enough to be financially secure, enjoy good health and also lead a very active lifestyle.

They have watched their wealth grow throughout their time as our clients and trust the advice we give them. However, there were further changes that could be made to improve their lifestyle.

After discussion, it became clear that despite their wealth, they were unsure about spending the money they had carefully saved over the years. Whether it be on holidays, upgrading their car, or giving gifts, they were afraid the money might run out.

We constructed a financial plan and agreed upon a level of income they could have at their disposal.  We suggested a back-up of capital that could be monitored and alert John and Anne should their spending become too much

Our regular review meetings now include a report which shows their finances in reference to the back-up capital. It also includes their spending plans and further gifting to their family. Instead of being a burden, their finances now work for them and their loved ones.

The company has a team of professionally qualified staff.  They will undertake a complete review of financial status and make recommendations based on findings, taking into account the risk positions of clients.